Specialises in packaging material for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Founded in 1972, the company is now leader of its sector in the entire Iberian Peninsula. With clients distributed over 4 continents, the company is undergoing a process of continuous expansion.
It aims to collaborate so closely with clients that it effectively becomes another department within the customer's organisation.
It is equipped with rigid and flexible materials for primary packaging for pharmaceutical, medical and surgical products.

Blister packs
(Aluminium, PVC, PVDC, cold form, paper with lacquer), intended for capsules, tablets and pills, paper with peelable PET + PE lacquer for vial syringes and phials.

Strips and PVC + PE for suppositories packaging
(Aluminium and polyethylene) intended for suppositories, effervescent products and clinical containers.

Pharmaceutical sachets
(Paper or polyester, aluminium, polyethylene, thermofusible resins) intended for powders, granules, liquids and creams, laminates and extrusions.

Sealable bags
For storage in pharmaceutical laboratories with full guarantee of inviolability, hygiene and air tightness.

Sachets for the medical and surgical industry
Medical grade paper with or without lacquer, polyamide + polypropylene complex or polyamide + polyethylene complex intended for sterile containers.